Traveling with Fido this Summer? Here’s What You Need to Know…

One of the biggest benefits of traveling in an RV is you get to vacation with your entire family…including your four-legged ones!  For me, I truly enjoy walking along the beach or exploring a new hiking trail with my dog, but more importantly, having my pup with me rather than at a boarding kennel gives me peace of mind.  If you’re planning to travel with your pet this year, here are a few tips the team at DuraFlap put together to make it safe and fun for everyone:

  1. Have a plan to keep cool! The most critical concern when traveling with pets is the temperature inside your RV.  You’ve likely seen information about how the inside of a car can reach temperatures of 100 degrees after only 10 minutes in 73-degree temperatures.  The impact to your RV is very similar.  Make sure to either park your RV in a location with electrical hookups so you can run your AC unit while you are away, or create itineraries where you can take your pet with you on your daily adventures.
  2. Pets need seat belts, too! While the needs of every size and type of pet are different (harnesses, crates, etc.), be sure to secure your pet while driving.  Accidents can and do happen, and even a sudden stop can throw a wandering animal off balance and cause serious injury.
  3. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s suitcase! While you’re stocking your RV’s kitchen and bedroom, make sure you include everything your pet needs, too.  Just a few items to add to your checklist include:  an extra leash, plenty of plastic bags to pick up waste, a good mix of their favorite toys, brushes and other grooming equipment to handle knots, burrs and ticks, a comfortable pet bed or place to sleep, and their favorite blanket that smells like home.
  4. Always keep a copy of your pet’s official records with you! Bring a photocopy of vaccination records, proof of ownership, and your pet’s ID and chip information.  You may need these at a moment’s notice in the event of an unforeseen emergency.
  5. Be ready to walk! Your pet will likely be living in a much smaller area while on vacation than at home.  Plan to give your pet extra exercise.  Make sure you pack your own walking shoes and be prepared to stretch your legs regularly as well!

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