Fly fishing in the fall

Techniques for Fly Fishing in the Fall

Between the cooler temperatures and the beautiful shades of reds and gold across the landscape, the fall months are an excellent time for fly fishing.  Before you hang up your waiters for the winter, take advantage of the remaining weeks and enjoy a few more days on the river.  Sure, fly fishing in the fall […]

great white shark

Best Places to Get Face to Face with a Great White Shark

Anyone whose seen the movie “Jaws” appreciates the power and fear unleashed by the great white shark.  These amazing animals are found in oceans worldwide, but contrary to popular belief, great white sharks do not attack people as commonly as movies would make you feel.  There’s only about a one in 3.75 million chance of […]

Coyotes Got their Reputation

How “Wily” Coyotes Got their Reputation

Few childhood cartoon characters are as memorable as “Wile E Coyote,” who desperately attempted to thwart the “Road Runner’s” success.  But how accurate are Wile E’s characteristics compared to the real “Wily” coyotes that roam America?  And why are they nicknamed as they are?  Their history and the story of how coyotes got their reputation […]

best west coast road trips

Best West Coast Road Trips

It’s a great time to pack up your truck, camper, or RV and hit the road for a beautiful drive along the Pacific coastline.  From Bellingham, Washington, to San Diego, California, you’ll find beautiful campgrounds and scenic wonders to explore all along the way.  There are a lot of popular tourist stops that people make, […]

best travel days in an RV

The Best Travel Days in an RV

Traveling across the continent in an RV is exciting.  RVs provide families the opportunity to stay at a variety of destinations for as long as they want.  Some people prefer to stay in one campground for several weeks, while others enjoy being at a different park every weekend.  As vacationers plan their itineraries, it’s essential […]

camp from your truck

How to Camp from Your Truck this Summer

Here in Southern Oregon as the weather gets warmer, the urge to go out and explore the wilderness grows in us all. Camping is a summer tradition here and we all have our favorite camping spots. How we camp is a different story–some of us prefer simple tents while others prefer the comfort of an […]

animals on your mudflaps

What does the Animal on Your Mudflaps Say About You?

Here at Duraflap, we have a wide array of mudflap options for your trucks. Customizing your mudflaps is easy, and we have a variety of animal designs to offer. Regardless of why you chose a certain design, your selection may say something about you that you have yet to realize. When it comes to animal […]

Crab on DuraFlap mud flap

Crabbing in Oregon Is a Fun Roadtrip for Many Families

Oregon is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities.  Yet, a favorite adventure for tourists and families alike is crabbing on the Oregon Coast.  Our state has over 360 miles of coastline with ideal locations to drop a crab pot. If catching the ingredients for your next seafood dinner sounds appealing, here are a […]

Dually Mud Flaps on Chevy Dually 2015

Do You Need a Dually?

If you’re in the market for a new truck, there are many options to consider, from horsepower strength to full-size cabs and hitch strength.  Another critical factor is whether or not you need a dually. A dually truck, or DRW for short, has six wheels–two in the front and then two sets of two in […]

Custom Mud Flap Weight Pleasure Rider

How Tongue Weight Impacts Your Towing Capacity

You’ve likely heard terms like gross trailer weight (GTW), payload, and dry weight, but what about tongue weight?  Tongue weight is essential in determining what you can safely tow with your vehicle.  Here are some tips for the team at Duraflap Drill-Less Mudflaps to consider before you purchase a new truck or trailer, you need […]