Motorhome mud flaps rv-galvbackingDURAFLAP makes Custom designed Motorhome mud flaps and RV mudflaps

Wheel Well Mud Flaps are made from the same high quality polyethylene/ rubber material we use for our pick up mud flaps. They are Custom made to the customer’s specifications. (see below for measuring guidelines)

Rear Mudflaps come With a 14 gauge Galvanized Backing plate with a reinforcement bend to give extra strength and protection against road hazards, and for use as a drag lip while going up steep inclines.

Custom designs are cut into 14 gauge Mirror finish STAINLESS STEEL, or you may upgrade to our Satin Finish Stainless Steel to cut down on the glare for vehicles behind you; for an additional $40.

Your stainless steel weight can have whatever design you want cut into it.

The motorhome mudflap is cut from 3/8” thick Double Nylon Reinforced Virgin rubber. We use curved corners instead of straight corners, reducing the tearing that may occur at sharp corners.
Duraflap will create a custom design on the stainless steel face plate just for you. You Tell us what you want, and we will design it. If you have a logo or artwork you want to use, send it to us, and we will create it for cutting.

Click here for measurement instructions

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Prices will vary from coach to coach.

Prices depend on the height requirements of the Motor home mud flap, and the extent of the artwork design in the Stainless Steel weight.

Prices for the 3/8″ double reinforced rubber start at $160 for up to a 12″ height. Add an additional $15 for each additional inch of height.

Prices for the mudflap and hardware Without the Stainless steel weight Range from $230 – $300

Prices for Stainless Steel weight, and Galvanized backing plate range from $260 – $390

Complete Motorhome mud flaps range from $490 – $760

Shipping starts at $60

Motorhome Mud Flaps