DIY Mud Flap Kit 12″ Wide x 22″ Long


Sold as a Pair

This DIY Mud Flap Kit comes with blanks that are 11 7/8 – 12 inches wide by 3/8 inch thick. The length is 22” long.

Application: A Do It Yourself kit used to make your own customized mud flap to fit your truck.

Mounting: Included in this kit are 2 polyethylene/rubber blanks, 8 self tapping screws and stainless steel washers.

Description: The blank material is rectangular in shape with straight corners instead of our radiused corners. If ordering with our mirror finish stainless steel weights, the weights will not be attached to the blank material to allow the do it yourselfer to position them where they prefer. Stainless steel nyloks and washers will be included for attachment of the weights.

Guarantee / Return Policy: These do it yourself kits do not carry our usual 5 year warranty, and are NOT returnable. The materials are guaranteed to be free of any defects for 30 days.

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Most orders without custom weights ship in 1-3 days

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