GMC 2500/3500 Front 2020 – 2024


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2020-2024 GMC 2500 front extra long 12 in wide
2020-2024 GMC 2500 front extra long 12 in wide
2020-2024 GMC 3500 Front 12 in standard length
2020-2024 GMC 3500 Front 12 in standard length
Note:  Trucks equipped with Bushwacker aftermarket flares will require minor modifications to the flare to make use of hidden factory screw locations.

Note:  These flaps fit GMC trucks.  They do not fit Chevy trucks.
They do fit the AT4 package.
They do not fit the AT4X package.

These GMC mud flaps are a drill-less installation.  They are approximately 3/8 inch thick and come in two widths and two lengths.

Application: FRONT of 2020 – current GMC 2500/3500 stock pickups.  Does not fit Chevy trucks.

The 12″ wide mud flaps are designed to work with the narrow splashguards that are under 12″ wide.  If you have the wider splashguard you will want to use our 14″ wide mud flap.

Mounting: DuraFlap mounting hardware is made of stainless steel where available. Other mounting products are made of anti-corrosive and rust resistant materials. Our drill-less mud flaps are custom designed to utilize existing factory holes and other mounting points available on your truck. Instructions included.

Since the factory splashguard is built into the GMC fender well trim, these mud flaps will be placed in front of the splashguard.

Hardware: All required hardware and brackets are supplied with these mud flaps.

Serviceability: These mud flaps are pre-drilled and require no drilling of additional holes in your truck.  Allows for easy & precise alignment.

Due to the shape of the fender well this mud flap may have a very slight twist.

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