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What’s the Best Pickup Truck Your Wallet Can Buy?

If you’re considering purchasing a new or used pickup truck, here’s some information our team at DuraFlap put together to help you refine your shopping list. According to Consumer Reports, their readers rank the Honda Ridgeline as the best.  To make this determination, Consumer Reports surveys its membership about how satisfied drivers were with their […]

2001 Winnebago

How the Winnebago Shaped Americans’ Passion for Road Trips

Americans have shared a love for packing up a travel trailer or motorhome and taking entire families on road trips for generations.  With a surge of popularity in the 1960’s, “let’s take out the Winnie” became a common phrase sure to bring smiles to young and old alike.  How did this one RV company gain […]

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Why do Americans Love their Pickup Trucks so much?

The bond between a truck and its owner is strong in America!  Back in 2018, Chevrolet worked with Harris Poll to survey over 1,000 U.S. pickup truck owners about their love for their trucks.  Even though it was two years ago, our team at DuraFlap believes many of these sentiments continue to ring true today: […]

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Has your next road trip taken a slight detour?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many adventurers are wondering if parks and campgrounds will be open this spring and summer.   On April 1, the National Park Service announced the closure of Grand Canyon National Park to protect the health and safety of park visitors and those with responsibilities of maintaining the park.  While not all […]

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Traveling With Your Dog? Keep Him Safe

Headed out for some sunshine?  Here are a few quick tips to keep Fido safe while traveling in your pickup truck. With most of our nation currently participating in solitary activities, this may be a great time to take your family and your dog out for a walk at a local park.  Here are some […]

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Best Oil for Your Pickup?

One trip to the auto parts store will reveal shelves containing hundreds of types of conventional and synthetic oils.  Selecting the right type of oil to keep your investment running smoothly can be confusing.  Our helpful staff at DuraFlap created this quick explanation to help you understand the differences between conventional and synthetic oil. What’s […]

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Do I Need Mud Flaps on my RV or Motorhome?

Whether you are in the market for a new RV or you’re getting your current home-on-the-road ready for spring and summer travel, making sure your motorhome has proper RV mud flaps should be on your checklist. Today RV mud flaps come in a variety of styles and can be customized according to your RV’s manufacturer […]

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How do people get more horsepower out of their trucks?

Modifying a truck can add personality and character to your rig, but many modifications can enhance a truck’s performance, too.  Here are three common modifications pickup truck owners make to get more horsepower from their engines.  If you’re looking to modify your truck, one of these solutions might be just the thing to make your […]

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Make the Most of Your Spring Break with an RV Road Trip to One of These Destinations

It may seem like the ball dropped in Times Square only yesterday, but we are well on our way to spring break.  Taking a road trip in your RV for a weeklong retreat in March with your family is the perfect way to recharge after a hectic holiday season. Our team at DuraFlap put together […]

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Planning an off-road adventure? Don’t forget these essentials!

There’s nothing like taking your truck off the beaten path and enjoying the solitude of just you, your pick up, and the dusty road beneath your wheels.  Before you head out the door, make sure you pack a few essentials just in case that adventure suddenly becomes more extended than you planned. What should you […]