The Best Travel Days in an RV

Traveling across the continent in an RV is exciting.  RVs provide families the opportunity to stay at a variety of destinations for as long as they want.  Some people prefer to stay in one campground for several weeks, while others enjoy being at a different park every weekend.  As vacationers plan their itineraries, it’s essential to consider the best travel days in an RV to maintain a stress-free road trip.  

best travel days in an RVWhat do the best travel days in an RV look like?

Vacationers don’t look forward to the time spent on the highway between one campsite and another, but it’s a necessary part of the process.  In fact, many RV owners may feel uncomfortable navigating busy highways driving a much larger and bulkier vehicle than what they are used to. The best times to travel are those that will cause the least amount of stress and anxiety.  Avoiding holiday travel and rush hour traffic is key.  

Usually, the roads will be far less busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  That works out well for campers since it means setting up camp on a Thursday, enjoying it over the weekend, and then getting ready to clear out on a Monday.  An added benefit is that arriving at a campground on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning means you’ll have fewer other arriving RVs at the park to navigate around.  For novice campers, it is easier to park and set up an RV before the weekend craziness begins.

Traveling during mid-week has another benefit few people consider.  It is easier to get roadside assistance for RVs and trailers mid-week than on weekends.  Auto part stores are more likely to be open, and roadside assistance services aren’t as swamped.  

When should RVers avoid being on the road?

The busiest days on the roads are weekends–from Friday to Sunday.  Because of the increased number of vehicles, there are more accidents on the road during these days.  If you don’t need to travel on the weekend, it’s usually best to avoid it–particularly in large cities or heavily touristed areas.

If you need to travel on the weekend, try to be on the road as early as possible–even before dawn.  Most people like sleeping in a bit on their days off, so fewer vehicles are on the roads.  It’s also cooler in the morning, so your engine and cooling system may perform better.

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