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Planning an off-road adventure? Don’t forget these essentials!

There’s nothing like taking your truck off the beaten path and enjoying the solitude of just you, your pick up, and the dusty road beneath your wheels.  Before you head out the door, make sure you pack a few essentials just in case that adventure suddenly becomes more extended than you planned. What should you… Read More

What is a Rivian pickup truck?

As serious pickup truck lovers, we can spot a Ford F-150, a Toyota Tacoma, or a Honda Ridgeline a mile away; but what is this new Rivian pickup truck?  It’s very likely you may not have heard about it yet, so our team at DuraFlap thought we’d bring you some news about this new entrant… Read More

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Road Debris Damage Control

Need more protection for your RV or Tow Vehicle? High-quality mud flaps are an economical, effective measure to ensure longevity and overall quality of your rig. STYLE IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT when it comes to tricking out the exterior of your tow vehicle or RV with aftermarket components. While many cool choices are available, mud flaps… Read More

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A Man, a Pickup Truck, and a Passion for Driving

Ever dream of driving your pickup truck for one million miles?  That’s equivalent to taking a road trip around the world forty times!  For many of us, we feel fortunate if we get 200,000 miles on the odometer during the lifespan of our vehicle, but one man in Illinois had higher aspirations for his truck.… Read More

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What Does the New Rule on E15 Mean to You?

You may have heard recently that the Environmental Protection Agency (the “EPA”) finalized a new rule allowing gas stations to sell “E15” gasoline year-round.  Our team at DuraFlap Drill-Less Mudflaps thought you might be interested in learning how this impacts you. What is E15 and what was the original rule about selling it? E15 is simply… Read More


5 Key Factors to Look for Before Booking a Campsite

If you’re lucky enough to own an RV that fits you and your family perfectly, the next step is to locate a few great campgrounds for your next vacation.  To help get you on the road to relaxation, DuraFlap’s team put together a shortlist of considerations for your next destination: Is it a park or… Read More

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Finding Yourself a “New” Used Pickup Truck

With a new lease on life in 2020, this might be the perfect time to update your transportation.  Our team at DuraFlap put together a few pieces of advice to help you make sure your next vehicle is safe and sound: Inspect the truck in good lighting. Make sure you can move around the truck… Read More

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Stun Your Friends with Pickup Truck Trivia

At DuraFlap Drill-Less Mud Flap Sets, we know pickup trucks sure make life easier!  Whether you use your pickup truck to haul yard debris, pull a 5th wheel, or help your friends move to a new place, you rely on your rig for many facets of daily life.  But did you know these interesting facts… Read More

DuraFlap Mudflaps for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, RV and lifted trucks.

Is the Extra Room Worth it? A Balanced Look at RV Slide Outs.

If you’re thinking about ringing in the New Year with a brand new RV, you may be considering purchasing a model with a roomy slide out.  Before you get hooked on a particular model, here are a few things the professionals at DuraFlap thought you should know about RV slide outs. The Advantage to RV… Read More

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Have a Holly, Jolly Holiday in Your RV!

Typically, when we think about taking a road trip, we’re thinking about summer vacation.  We may have visions of spending time in the sun with family while the kids are out of school.  But don’t discount travel during the winter holidays! Here are some fun advantages to winter travel in an RV from the team… Read More