Best Places to Get Face to Face with a Great White Shark

Anyone whose seen the movie “Jaws” appreciates the power and fear unleashed by the great white shark.  These amazing animals are found in oceans worldwide, but contrary to popular belief, great white sharks do not attack people as commonly as movies would make you feel.  There’s only about a one in 3.75 million chance of getting bitten by one.  If you’ve been curious about what it would be like to get face to face with a great white shark, here are some places you can find out.

great white shark | shark mud flaps from DuraflapThe Farallon Islands

The Farallon Islands are about 27 miles west of San Francisco in an area of the ocean referred to as the “Red Triangle.”  The region was given the name because of the blood spilled from great white sharks in the waters.  Because of the large population of elephant seals and sea lions on its coastline, the Farallon Islands is a favorite feeding spot for sharks.  The only way to visit the islands and search for these animals is by private boat tour, but it’s worth every dollar.

Cape Cod

An interesting thing is happening in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  The gray seal population is growing, meaning more great white sharks visit the beaches to feed.  There are an estimated 50,000 seals on the cape beaches.  Unfortunately, their presence has caused many beach closures and scared vacationers from getting in the water.  If you want to see one in the wild, the best time to catch a glimpse is in July, when they are migrating near the area.  You can download the Sharktivity App developed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to see current sightings and alerts.  

Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island is located about 150 miles west of Baja California near the border with Mexico.  Only about 200 residents live on this volcanic island, but it’s home to some of the best cage diving opportunities in the world.  The area is a proclaimed “Bio-Sphere” reserve to protect the wildlife in the ocean waters, so divers get a truly natural experience.  From July to October, the water temperatures are pleasant for diving, and the clear blue waters allow divers with good visibility up to 150 feet.  Late in the season is the best time to see female sharks, often larger and calmer than their male counterparts.  Photographers will be stunned by the opportunity to catch these animals on film just inches from the camera.    

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If viewing the animal from behind glass is more your thing, you’ll have a tough time finding one.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California is the only aquarium in the world that has successfully been able to provide a habitat for a great white for any significant period of time.  They had some on display for several years for research purposes, but since then, they have all been released back into the oceans near Baja California.  Unfortunately, these animals are so large and aggressive that they take enormous amounts of resources to manage and tend to die rapidly in captivity.

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