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Great Dane on DuraFlap Mud Flap
Great White Shark Custom Weight
Helicopter Bell Angled View
Horse Rider
Huey Helicopter by DuraFlap Mud Flaps
John Deer Tractor on DuraFlap Mud Flap
Jolly Roger on DuraFlap Mud flap

Jolly Roger

Mirror Stainless Steel – 6″ X 12″, 6″ X 14″ or 8″ x 20″

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Lineman custom weight
Longhorn wight on mud flap
Chevy on mud flap wieght

Chevy Custom Weight

Custom Stainless Steel Weight with  Chevy cut out

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Marine Logo on duraFlap Mud Flap
Semper Fi with Marine Logo
blank custom weight
Semper Fi on Mud Flap
DuraFlap Mudflaps for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, RV and lifted trucks.
motorcycle custom weight
Mule Head Weight by DuraFlap
Mule Head Weight by DuraFlap
Navy Dolphin Sub
Pipeliner on DuraFlap mud flap
Custom Designed Mud Flap

Custom Mud Flap Weight – Designed by you

Your custom mud flap weight designed in the stainless steel to your specifications.

E-mail us an image of what you want.  We will design it.  If you do not have an image, e-mail us a description.

Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.


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Custom Mud Flap Weight with Text Only

Custom mud flap weight with the text of your choice laser cut out of Mirror Stainless Steel – 2.9″ tall

Allow 3-4 weeks for laser cutting

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Mirror Stainless Steel – 2.9″ tall

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Paint Horse on Mud Flap