DuraFlap’s Mud Flaps are the Right Choice for Your Truck

It’s no secret your truck is one of your most cherished investments, so you should be picky when choosing the best accessories to protect its paint and finish as well as to keep you safe on the road.  Here are just a few reasons why DuraFlap’s drill-less mud flaps are far superior to other splash guards on the market:

  1. You need a product that’s going to last the test of time.  We use 3/8” thick polyethylene and rubber blend material that’s guaranteed not to crack, peel, tear or fade.  Many of our competitors don’t even disclose what their splash guards are made of.
  2. DuraFlap is the ONLY mud flap offering custom sizing with computerized cutting to create the perfect fit for your vehicle.  In fact, we are the ONLY company that can custom fit a drill-less product to modified trucks.
  3. dually mudflaps American Splash GuardsEase of Installation. Unlike many competitor products, when you choose us, there is no need to remove your truck’s tires for installation.  Our product uses already existing drilled holes on your truck so there’s no need to drill additional holes that can rust over time.  Installation is quick and easy!
  4. While competitors sell narrow, short splash guards, we refuse to compromise on quality.  We offer FULL-size American-made mud flaps for optimum protection of your vehicle and what you tow. Our rain grooves direct rain, mud, and snow down to the road (and away from  your vehicle(s) while other products on the market have flat surfaces that allow this same type of debris to eventually work itself around to hit the truck and vehicles in tow.
  5. The sky’s the limit for customization with DuraFlap!  We can add your unique personality to your truck.  Visit our online artwork catalog to see over a hundred pre-designed choices or contact us so we can create a custom design based on your sketches or ideas.

Of course, when you’re selecting the right accessories for your truck, you want to know they are backed up by a team dedicated to your satisfaction.  We are proud to provide each of our customers with TOP NOTCH SERVICE throughout the process from selection to installation.   Contact us today to get started!

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