Tips for Selecting a Truck to Haul Your Fifth Wheel

Enjoying a road trip with a fifth wheel has some definite advantages.  One of the most significant is that by driving a truck, you have easy access to transportation and eliminate the need to tow an extra vehicle.  Within minutes, you can stop, set up the trailer, and be off visiting tourist attractions or running to the store for last-minute groceries.  And of course, driving a truck you’re familiar with can be more comfortable than navigating a large RV with a toad.

If traveling with a fifth wheel is the choice for your family, there are some important things to look for in selecting the right truck to do the job.  Here are some hints from the team at DuraFlap:

  1. Determine the size of truck you need for your fifth wheel. Discuss your specific fifth wheel with the truck’s manufacturer to make sure it will haul your fully loaded trailer.  Here is a quick guideline (check your truck’s exact specifications though to be sure):
    1. Under 30 ft and 7,500-10,000 lbs loaded = ½ ton truck
    2. 30 to 39 ft and 10,000-16,000 lbs loaded = ¾ ton truck
    3. 40+ ft and 16,000+ lbs loaded = Full ton truck

If you’re towing near the capacity of your truck, you may need suspension enhancements or other accessories to stabilize and level your vehicle.

  1. Consider whether or not to purchase a dually. While a dually truck is not required to tow a fifth wheel, having dual wheels creates a wider end of the truck that is more streamlined to the width of the trailer.  This effect creates greater stability for hauling larger fifth wheels.  Additionally, dually trucks generally have greater hauling capacity.  You may also travel with more peace of mind since dual wheels mean if one tire is damaged, you still have another to drive on.
  2. dually mud flapsDecide how you will attach the fifth wheel. Many truck manufacturers provide factory installed rail systems.  A factory-installed package will generally be easier to use—meaning it will be much faster to load and unload the trailer from your vehicle.  However, aftermarket rails are available to install in the event you are purchasing a used truck without an already installed package.

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