Why DuraFlap’s Drill-less Mudflaps Outperform the Competition

Traveling on the open road can make your vehicle susceptible to damage.  Road debris, gravel, mud, and sludge are easily kicked up by the tires–creating a concrete-like substance on the inside of your wheel wells and potentially scratching or denting the body of your truck.  The best and easiest way to protect your investment is by installing a new set of full size mud flaps.

DuraFlap’s drill-less mudflaps deflect all the hazardous debris down and away, keeping your truck clean and dent free. .  By using a solid set of quality mud flaps, you’ll also be protecting other vehicles on the road or any equipment you’re towing from being hit by flying objects.

There’s no doubt, DuraFlap’s drill-less mudflaps are the most superior products in the marketplace.

When you’re investing in your pickup truck, you want the best products your money can buy.  Here are just a few reasons why DuraFlap leaves competitor products in the dust.

  1. No new holes are required for installation. Drilling holes into the body of a truck increases rusting and deterioration.  We avoid that.  DuraFlap’s patented drill-less design uses holes already existing in your fender well lip or specially designed brackets for installation.  In fact, installation is so simple that it can usually be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.  You don’t even need to remove your tires.
  2. Our mud flaps give you full protection. We manufacture mud flaps designed to be wide enough and long enough to protect both your truck and your boat and trailer.
  3. Our mud flaps fit your truck perfectly. We are the only manufacturer to offer computerized cutting and custom sizes to ensure the perfect fit every time.  We’re also the only mud flap company that can custom fit a drill-less mudflap for your modified truck.
  4. We use high-quality materials. When you purchase from DuraFlap, you’re getting a product with 3/8″ thick polyethylene/rubber blend material that will not crack, peel, tear or fade.  Special rain grooves direct rain, mud, and snow down to the road, and an anti-sail design keeps the flaps from flying up behind the vehicle on the road.
  5. The sky’s the limit to customizing your truck. We make it easy for you to add personality to your rig.  Check out our online catalog of pre-designed artwork or submit your illustration, and we’ll create a design to make your mud flaps genuinely unique.
  6. American Flag Custom Weight on Mud Flaps Splash Guard | Drill-less MudflapsWe’re a family-owned business in the USA. When you shop with DuraFlap, you’re supporting a small business and locally manufactured products.  You can count on us to provide the ultimate customer service and stand behind our products.  We’re proud to be a part of our local community.

Ready to get your truck geared up for a new season of adventures?

Now’s the time to make sure your pickup truck is ready to hit the road.  Our drill-less mudflaps will give you the peace of mind to know you are keeping your vehicle protected and your family safe while driving down the open road.  Contact our team today to learn more about the DuraFlap difference and discover how easy it is to install our drill-less mudflaps on your vehicle.

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