Selecting the Best Pickup Truck for Your Travel Trailer

Want to travel the open road and see where your vacation leads you?  One of the best ways to see the sights across America is with a pickup truck and travel trailer.  If packing up the family for a memorable road trip is on your agenda this summer, make sure you have the right pickup truck to pull your “home away from home.”

What to Look For:

One of the most essential qualifications for a pickup truck is the towing and payload capacity.  If you already own a travel trailer or have one in mind, you need to make sure that any truck you’re considering will be powerful enough to pull it successfully.  You can find a truck’s limits for towing and payload capacity in the owner’s manual or online informational listing.  Be sure to include another 2000 pounds to cover all the items you take with you inside the camper.

If you’re planning to tow a fifth wheel, you need to make sure the truck can handle supporting the hitch weight as well as the tow weight of the fifth wheel.  Qualified trucks will have greater payload and towing capacity.  It will be much easier to install everything you need to haul a fifth wheel if you can purchase the truck with optional equipment made for this specific purpose.

Of course, since you and your family will be riding in the pickup truck, you should consider size, comfort, and desired options.  Along with features such as upgraded stereo systems, extensive navigation software, heated seats, and of course–cupholders, many of today’s pickup trucks provide charging outlets in the cab and electrical outlets in the bed.

Before you head out on your adventure, make sure your pickup truck and your trailer are well protected with a new set of Duraflap drill-less mudflaps.

Protect your truck and customize your rig with a quality set of drill-less mudflaps.  Our mudflaps deflect hazardous debris down and away, keeping your vehicle clean and dent-free.  In fact, Duraflap drill-less mudflaps are the easiest way to protect your vehicle and those around you from being damaged by kick-up debris from the road.

DuraFlap Drill-less Mudflaps for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, RV and lifted trucks.
John Deere Tractor

Our patented mudflaps use holes already existing in your fender well lip or use specially designed brackets for installation.  Most of our mudflaps can be installed in 30 minutes or less.

Mudflaps are also a great way to add your unique personality to your pickup truck.  Our online catalog has over 100 designs ready for you to choose from–from fire and flames to retrievers and tractors.  Don’t see exactly what you want?  We can take your sketch and convert it into a design just for you.

Give us a call today and see how easy it is to get started!  Duraflap mudflaps will protect your investment, and we’ll have you rolling down the highway in no time!

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