A Simple Maintenance Task to Improve Your Pickup Truck Performance

Regularly changing your pickup’s air filter is an inexpensive way to increase your pickup truck performance.  With this one, simple routine you’ll notice improved gas mileage, lowered emissions, better acceleration, and achieve longer engine life.  To understand the importance of air filters to improve your pickup truck’s performance, you first need to know how your engine uses air.

A typical four-stroke engine goes through four phases to generate power:

  1. Chamber valves open, and the piston moves downward, creating a sucking action to pulls air into the combustion chamber.  As the piston rotates and reaches the end of its stroke, the intake valve closes and seals the cylinder.
  2. Next, the piston rises and compresses the air within the chamber.
  3. The engine senses the air in the chamber and injects fuel into the chamber.  As the fuel and compressed oxygen combine, an explosion of energy occurs.  The explosion also forces the piston down.
  4. Finally, the piston lifts one last time to exhaust the burned gases out of the engine.

Based on this information, its obvious filters are essential to ensure the air going into the engine is clean and free of debris that could clog or harm the engine.  Particles as small as a grain of salt can damage an engine, impacting its lifespan or, in the least, resulting in expensive repairs.

Yet, many drivers are unaware of the filter’s role in engine performance.

First, a clean filter allows air to travel through the filtration layers more easily.  Since the air moves more freely, the piston can more easily create the downward movement to pull the air in, and that means it can move more quickly, speeding up the engine’s cycles.  Faster cycles mean more 4-phase processes can be completed in the same amount of time, which means the engine produces more power.

Another benefit is that more oxygen will be able to reach the combustion chamber.  Higher amounts of oxygen mean it takes less fuel for an explosion to occur.  Using less fuel equates to higher mileage per gallon.  Plus, it’s easier for all fuel to burn off when there is less of it in the chamber so that emissions will be much cleaner.

The quality of the air filter is essential.  Selecting high-performance air filters can increase the amount of horsepower produced by 3 to 5 HP and boost your engine’s torque, too.

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