Mud Flaps on 2015 Dodge Dually DR10L 10 with Jolly Roger Artwork

Tips for Selecting a Truck to Haul Your Fifth Wheel

Enjoying a road trip with a fifth wheel has some definite advantages.  One of the most significant is that by driving a truck, you have easy access to transportation and eliminate the need to tow an extra vehicle.  Within minutes, you can stop, set up the trailer, and be off visiting tourist attractions or running… Read More

RV Mudflaps

Enjoy the Unexpected on Your Next RV Road trip to One of These Destinations

It’s never too early to start dreaming of your next RV road trip. Make your family vacation a bit more interesting by visiting one of these locations, each with its own very unique and unexpected features: Dead Horse Point State Park If you’re looking for an adventure that seemingly takes you to another planet, Dead… Read More

dually mudflaps American Splash Guards

DuraFlap’s Mud Flaps are the Right Choice for Your Truck

It’s no secret your truck is one of your most cherished investments, so you should be picky when choosing the best accessories to protect its paint and finish as well as to keep you safe on the road.  Here are just a few reasons why DuraFlap’s drill-less mud flaps are far superior to other splash… Read More

American Flag Custom Weight on Mud Flaps Splash Guard

Why Mud Flaps are one of the Best Investments You Can Make

Now that the weather is changing and wintery conditions will soon be upon us, it’s the perfect time to install or upgrade the mud flaps on your truck.  Mud flaps serve as protective guards behind your tires to prevent rocks, water, snow, and mud from being projected upward onto your car or other vehicles on… Read More

dually mudflaps American Splash Guards

Why Consider a Dually for Your Next Truck?

Having the right kind of truck for what you’re hauling is important.  If you’ve got serious hauling demands, a dually truck may be exactly what you need.  Dual rear wheeled trucks provide a number of benefits for hauling heavier payloads, large trailers, and 5th wheels. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of a dual… Read More

Must-Take Essentials for Any Road Trip

Now that school is back in session, campgrounds and parks across the country will be less busy.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy a little relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of town.  Here are a few tips from the team at DuraFlap to help make your next road trip safe and relaxing: Cleaning… Read More

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Are You in the Market for Replacing Your Truck’s Tires?

As we quickly head into Fall, having a good set of tires on your rig is important to keep you and your family safe while on the road.  Before you begin shopping for new tires, start with determining the right load rating for your vehicle.  Here’s some quick information from the team at DuraFlap to… Read More

Dodge drill-less set back quality mudflapsquality mud flaps

Why Every Truck Owner Needs Quality Mud Flaps from DuraFlap

Your pickup truck is one of your greatest investments.  If you’re like many pickup truck owners, you likely selected your truck with great care…from the exterior color to the upholstery to the horsepower of your engine.   A quality set of drill-less mud flaps is an important accessory all truck owners need to keep their rigs… Read More

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How Can You Keep Your RV Travel Trailer from Blowing in the Wind?

When traveling with your family down the open road, the last thing you want is for a strong gust of wind to hit the side of your RV travel trailer and tip the trailer and possibly your truck over onto the side of the road.  Here’s some information about “trailer sway” and how to prevent… Read More

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How about Getting Your Kicks on Route 66 this Summer?

Trying to figure out where to take your family this summer?  There’s still plenty of time left for a fun road trip in your RV.  How about a drive along the historic Route 66?  Here are a few tips from our team at DuraFlap to help you create the perfect itinerary: Route 66 encompasses nearly… Read More