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Is a local heatwave getting you down? It’s likely impacting your truck, too.

Many parts of the United States have been experiencing unprecedented heat this year.  If you live in one of these regions, it’s essential to consider how the extreme temperature may be impacting your truck and take necessary precautions to keep it running at its best. Five common issues for truck performance in high heat: Engine… Read More

DuraFlap RV Mudflaps for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, RV and lifted trucks.

Is Your RV Past its Prime for Park Acceptance?

With the growing popularity of RV and motorhome camping, many families are purchasing used models.  In many cases, an owner may have been storing an RV for many years before accepting that it’s just not right for their family’s needs–resulting in 10 to 20-year-old models having 20,000 miles or less on their odometers.  With a… Read More

DuraFlap Mudflaps for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, RV and lifted trucks.

Selecting the Best Pickup Truck for Your Travel Trailer

Want to travel the open road and see where your vacation leads you?  One of the best ways to see the sights across America is with a pickup truck and travel trailer.  If packing up the family for a memorable road trip is on your agenda this summer, make sure you have the right pickup… Read More

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Why DuraFlap’s Drill-less Mudflaps Outperform the Competition

Traveling on the open road can make your vehicle susceptible to damage.  Road debris, gravel, mud, and sludge are easily kicked up by the tires–creating a concrete-like substance on the inside of your wheel wells and potentially scratching or denting the body of your truck.  The best and easiest way to protect your investment is… Read More

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A Simple Maintenance Task to Improve Your Pickup Truck Performance

Regularly changing your pickup’s air filter is an inexpensive way to increase your pickup truck performance.  With this one, simple routine you’ll notice improved gas mileage, lowered emissions, better acceleration, and achieve longer engine life.  To understand the importance of air filters to improve your pickup truck’s performance, you first need to know how your… Read More

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What to Consider When Buying a Generator for Your RV

Many campgrounds provide hookups for electricity, water, and even cable television.  However, those extra’s often cost more and aren’t always easy to come by.  Plus, if you want to get the authentic camping experience off the beaten path, you won’t have any hookups available.  For all of these reasons, having a good generator you can… Read More

5 Reasons Your Pickup Truck is the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle

Are you ready to get out of your house and explore a bit of America?  As the sun returns, people become excited to hit the road for family road trips.  If you own a pickup truck, then you already have the best vehicle for the adventure.  Here’s why: Versatility.  Trucks are built to handle whatever… Read More

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Are Diesel Pushers Worth the Investment?

Diesel pushers have become really popular recently, but the price tags of these recreational vehicles can cost you as much or even more than a new brick-and-mortar home.  Smaller models start off near $250,000 and then increase to averages of $600,000 or more for larger models.  In fact, the difference between a gas and a… Read More

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Ways to Achieve Fuel Efficiency So You Have More Money to Spend on Fun

Warmer weather, sunshine, and the appeal of the open road lead many of us to pack our bags and head out for relaxing road trips.  If you’re like most Americans, you prefer to spend your hard-earned money on food and entertainment and less of it at the fuel pump.  Here are a few easy ways… Read More

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Don’t Wait a Minute Longer. Here’s Why You Need to Plan Your 2021 RV Road Trip Now

With many of America’s vacation destinations either closed or open for limited services during 2020, sales of towable RV’s grew by 8.4%.  In fact, had April sales not been significantly wiped out due to dealership and factory temporary closures at the beginning of the pandemic, growth would have been double digits.  That means people are… Read More