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How to Choose a Pick Up Truck to Haul a Travel Trailer

With no end in the immediate future for the COVID crisis, many vacationers are looking for pickup trucks capable of towing camping trailers for their 2020 family adventures.  If you’re in the market for a towing truck, here are some tips from the team at DuraFlap Drill-Less Mudflaps. In general, how can you figure out… Read More

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Traveling with Fido this Summer? Here’s What You Need to Know…

One of the biggest benefits of traveling in an RV is you get to vacation with your entire family…including your four-legged ones!  For me, I truly enjoy walking along the beach or exploring a new hiking trail with my dog, but more importantly, having my pup with me rather than at a boarding kennel gives… Read More


Social Distance and Enjoy Nature with an Off-Road Adventure

If you have a rugged truck and need to do a little social distancing, there’s nothing more fun than having an off-road adventure.  Kick up a little mud, enjoy the smell of pine trees, and leave the world much further than 6 feet behind!  If this sounds like a weekend plan in your future, here… Read More

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Will Living in Your RV be the New Trend for Home Ownership?

If you’ve watched home improvement television lately, you have likely seen many programs featuring singles, couples, and families choosing to downsize and move into a “tiny home.”  That name is certainly accurate since most tiny homes only range between 100-400 square feet.  People are drawn to tiny homes for a number of reasons: To achieve… Read More

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A Quick Checklist for Post-COVID Camping Enjoyment

As many parts of our country move into Phase 2 of getting back to business, you may be beginning to plan a relaxing summer road trip.  Before you hit the road, here are a few things our team at DuraFlap RV Mud Flaps put together to help make sure you are prepared to travel: Check the… Read More

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What Size Pickup Truck is Right for You?

It’s time to hit the road again, and for many Americans, that means its time to shop for a new pickup truck. With so many great pickup trucks out there, what should you consider when selecting the right truck for you and your family? Before you start test-driving all the trucks at your local dealership,… Read More

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What’s Up with the Bond Between Dads and their Trucks?

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been nostalgic about memories of my dad and his pickup trucks.  If you have a dad who loves his truck, you know what I mean. Our family was a one-car family until the end of the 1970’s when my dad finally got a job with a little… Read More

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Is it Time to Begin Your Next RV Adventure?

Are you ready to finally unleash your motorhome back onto the road?  With all states moving towards Phase 1 of pandemic response, many parks and campgrounds are now reopening.  Our team at DuraFlap put together this handy checklist of easy-to-overlook items to make sure your motorhome is ready for your next journey: Check your handheld… Read More

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Don’t Miss this Important Safety Tip about Your Pickup Truck

Even though you’re checking your truck’s fluid levels routinely and taking it in for an oil change according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, do you know if another issue may be lurking around the corner?  Could your pickup truck be on the recall list for a possible safety issue?  Our team at DuraFlap put together… Read More

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Take a Look at One of the 2020 Best Pickup Trucks

Ready to hit the summer roads in a new pickup truck?  Then you have to take a look at one of this summer’s favorites, the new 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500.  Our team at DuraFlap considers this pickup truck to have serious value for the dollar. Why is the 2020 Best Pickup Truck the Chevy Silverado… Read More