The Ultimate Route 66 RV Road Trip

Stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica, historic Route 66 provides just under 2,500 miles of adventure, taking you on a journey through time, culture, and some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the United States. From the dense woods of the Mark Twain National Forest to the breathtaking views of Palo Duro Canyon and the ancient wonders of the Petrified Forest National Park, Route 66 delivers the RV road trip of a lifetime.

3 Must-Stops for Your Route 66 RV Road Trip

1. Mark Twain National Forest: A Verdant Haven

Named after the famous author, this forest spans nearly 1.5 million acres of Missouri’s rolling hills and offers a diverse range of recreational activities.

What to See and Do:
1. Hiking and Biking: With over 750 miles of trails, there’s something for everyone. The Ozark Trail is a highlight, offering a mix of easy and challenging hikes that wind through scenic landscapes with breathtaking vistas.
2. Camping: Numerous campgrounds are scattered throughout the forest, perfect for RVs. Silver Mines Recreation Area is a favorite, with its riverside sites and opportunities for fishing and swimming.
3. Wildlife Watching: Keep an eye out for deer, wild turkeys, and even the occasional black bear. The forest is teeming with wildlife, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Insider Tip:
Plan a fall visit to witness the forest’s foliage transform into a vibrant tapestry of reds, oranges, and yellows. The crisp autumn air and stunning colors create a magical atmosphere.

2. Palo Duro Canyon: The Grand Canyon of Texas

From the lush greenery of Missouri, head southwest to the Texas Panhandle, where Palo Duro Canyon awaits. Often called the “Grand Canyon of Texas,” this awe-inspiring canyon stretches over 120 miles and offers a dramatic change in scenery with unique geology and vibrant colors that are a photographer’s dream.

What to See and Do:
1. Scenic Drives: Drive the 16-mile scenic canyon floor loop for panoramic views and numerous pull-offs where you can stop and take in the scenery.
2. Hiking: Explore trails like the Lighthouse Trail, which leads to the park’s iconic rock formation, the Lighthouse.
3. TEXAS Outdoor Musical: If you’re visiting in the summer, don’t miss this outdoor musical drama that tells the story of Texas panhandle settlers in an amphitheater nestled within the canyon walls.

Insider Tip:
Visit the Trading Post for a slice of homemade pie. It’s the perfect treat after a day of exploring and offers a taste of local hospitality.

3. Petrified Forest National Park: Time Travel to the Triassic

Continuing west along Route 66 into Arizona, you’ll find the otherworldly landscape of Petrified Forest National Park. This park is a treasure trove of ancient history, where you can walk among 225-million-year-old petrified logs, as well as ancient fossils and petroglyphs.

What to See and Do:
1. Rainbow Forest Museum and Visitor Center: Start here to learn about the park’s geology and paleontology. The museum offers fascinating exhibits and a great orientation to the park.
2. Scenic Drives: The 28-mile park road offers numerous overlooks and pull-offs where you can explore short trails and take in the views. Don’t miss the Painted Desert with its strikingly colorful badlands.
3. Hiking: Trails like the Crystal Forest Trail and Giant Logs Trail allow you to get up close to the petrified wood as each log tells a story of a prehistoric world long gone.

Insider Tip:
Plan your visit during sunrise or sunset for a truly mesmerizing scene as the low angle of the sun brings out the vivid colors in the petrified wood and the surrounding desert landscape.

More Than Just A Road Trip

A Route 66 RV road trip is a journey through the heart of America’s diverse landscapes and rich history. From the dense forests of Missouri to the dramatic canyons of Texas and the ancient wonders of Arizona, each stop offers unique experiences and lasting memories.

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