Should There be Rust on My Truck?

Most vehicle owners keep a wary eye on the exterior condition of their investments.  Every ding, scratch, or other instance of visible damage to your truck’s body should be dealt with promptly to avoid rust and corrosion.  However, have you ever inspected the underside of your truck?  Depending on your rig’s make, model, year, and where you frequently drive the vehicle, you may find excessive rust building up over time. Here are some thoughts from the team at Duraflap Drill-less Mud Flaps.

Rust is unavoidable.

Steel is commonly used for structural components of vehicles.  When the steel comes in contact with moisture, rust is bound to happen. Several conditions are known to cause rust on vehicles normally.

  1. Proximity to saltwater.  Vehicles owned in areas near coastlines or the Great Salt Lake will rust more quickly and extensively.  Even those parked in closed garages have more contact with salty air and salty road debris than vehicles in other regions of the United States.
  2. Driving on salted roads.  In regions where ice and snow are expected, road salt is often used to keep roads passable.  The salt may make it easier to get where a truck needs to go, but salty snow and sludge kicked up on the vehicle’s exterior and undercarriage will exacerbate rusting.
  3. Collected moisture.  Even trucks that are washed frequently are susceptible to rust because water collects in the bed, side panels, or the crevices along the bumper.  Rain, snow, and hosed-on water will all contribute to rust over time.

Checking for rust on a pickup truck is as easy as crawling under the truck’s body and looking around.  New trucks should look clean and shiny; some come off the manufacturing line with coatings to protect the underbody.  Over time, it’s normal to see some amount of rust build-up, particularly if one of the conditions above applies.

Rust that continues to build up over time and is not cared for can destroy components of the vehicle.  As rust deteriorates the metal, the metal weakens, leading to holes and leaks.

What if my new truck has rust?

Even brand new models of trucks can have rust.  Auto manufacturers have assured customers that low levels of rust will not hinder a truck’s performance or lessen the vehicle’s lifespan.  While some auto manufacturers cover many of the steel portions of the undercarriage with coatings, others have discontinued this process since these portions of the vehicle are not visible (unless you crawl under the truck, of course.)

If you have concerns about rust on the undercarriage of your truck, it may be a good idea to have your technician check it out during your next service appointment.  They can tell you if it’s something to be concerned about or just a natural occurrence.  There are inexpensive treatments available that can be completed to remove rust and provide a more protective coating if needed.

Duraflap’s patented drill-less mud flaps design helps keep rust at bay.

drill-less Mud Flaps on 2004 Ford F-250 Harley Davidson Edition 14" wide standard length drill-less application
’04 F250 14″ wide

Adding drill-less mud flaps to your truck will keep road debris from flying up and chipping or scratching your paint.  In fact, mudflaps are among the most affordable investments you can make to keep your truck in top condition.

Anytime paint is removed or chipped on your vehicle, rust will occur.  Unfortunately, that means that the installation of many brands of mudflaps may protect your vehicle against road debris, but just installing the units will create new areas of rust, not so with DuraFlap.

DuraFlap’s drill-less mud flaps are custom made to fit your vehicle perfectly, including using holes that already exist in your vehicle’s body for installation.  When you choose DuraFlap, you get the most durable materials on the market to protect your investment for decades to come.  And with our online catalog of over 100 artworks to choose from, you can customize the look of your pickup truck with a design that fits your personal style, or we can create a unique design based on a sketch.

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