Is a local heatwave getting you down? It’s likely impacting your truck, too.

Many parts of the United States have been experiencing unprecedented heat this year.  If you live in one of these regions, it’s essential to consider how the extreme temperature may be impacting your truck and take necessary precautions to keep it running at its best.

Five common issues for truck performance in high heat:

  1. Engine oil.  High heat reduces oil’s viscosity making it thinner than usual.  Added to the normal energy from your truck’s combustion engine, the reduced thickness of the engine oil can cause your truck to break down.  If you need to travel during a heatwave, contact your local dealership to see if they recommend an oil change to a less viscous alternative.
  2. Tires.  The air within your tires expands with heat and contracts in colder weather.  Normal summertime expansion usually works well for tire performance.  However, in extreme weather, over-expansion can occur, leading to bulging or blowouts.  Ensure your tires are safely inflated by monitoring tire pressure regularly.
  3. Batteries.  Batteries can be very susceptible to high temperatures.  High levels of heat halt the ionic reactions within the battery that are needed to create the cranking amps to start the vehicle–leading to a “no crank” situation.  Additionally, pull from overuse of the air conditioning system can drain the battery’s power.  The best way to make sure your battery is up for the trip is simply to take your truck in for servicing and let the experts inspect it.
  4. Air conditioning.  High heat often means the air conditioning system is running on maximum output for extended periods.  This creates wear and tear on the system.  Your service professionals should routinely examine the air conditioning system to make sure it’s in good condition, maintained properly, and free from any clogs.
  5. Engine cooling systems.  During extreme heat, it’s not uncommon for an engine to become overheated and fail.  You can help your cooling system by regularly checking the coolant tank to ensure it’s full.  Additionally, there are coolants available specifically designed for high heat conditions.

While you’re performing seasonal maintenance for your truck, why not add or replace your mudflaps?

A good set of mudflaps is essential for protecting your vehicle from damage as rocks and debris get kicked up from the road.  You’ll also keep the cars around you safe too.

Dodge drill-less set back quality mudflaps quality mud flapsBest of all, with drill-less mudflaps from DuraFlap, you don’t need to worry about costly installation or future rust damage from new holes being drilled into your rig.  Our drill-less mudflaps are designed to fit perfectly to every style of truck using the holes that are already present in the body of your vehicle.  In fact, most DuraFlap owners found it only took about 30 minutes for the installation, and there was no need to remove the tires, either.

We feel so confident about the quality of our drill-less mudflaps that we guarantee our workmanship and materials for five years from the time of purchase.

Achieve peace of mind and customize the look of your truck at the same time.  We have over 100 artwork images available in our online catalog, but we can also take your custom design and turn it into a unique set of mudflaps to personalize your truck.

Why wait another day to add drill-less mudflaps to your truck?  Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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