Put Roadtrip Safety First this Holiday Season

If you’re planning a road trip to visit family or friends this holiday season, make sure you’re putting safety at the top of your preparation list.  Here are a few tips from our crew at DuraFlap.com:

  1. Prepare your bed.

Consider what you’ll be packing with you and make sure the bed of your truck will have all the equipment it needs to protect your cargo and the truck itself.  A bed rail, non-skid bed liner, side rails, and tie-down anchors can all keep your haul solidly in place while you’re traveling the roads.

  1. Map it out.

It can be extremely difficult to secure anything left in the bed of your truck from eager thieves.  Make sure you are able to park in well-lit and well-trafficked areas while you’re stopping to grab a bite.  Being able to park closely to hotel entrances will help you more easily unpack your truck at night.

  1. Watch your weight.

If you’re going to be carrying anything extremely heavy, load it as close to the cab as you can.  Doing so will improve your ability to maintain control and steer your vehicle properly.

  1. Hide your valuables.

It’s easy to forget about tools or other valuables you might normally be hauling around in the bed of your truck—even in a locked box.  Take a few minutes to stow those valuables out of sight behind the seats in your cab.

  1. Check your mudflaps!

The roads can be filled with loose rocks, snow, debris, and other hazards.  A good set of properly fitting mudflaps can protect the look and life of your vehicle while keeping you safe and sound.  DuraFlap’s MudFlaps are made with our exclusive “Rain Grooves” that direct rain, snow, and road debris down and away from the vehicle.  And, they’re simple to install!

  1. beagle2 mudflapsTreat yourself.

Before you hit the road, customize your truck with decorative DuraFlap MudFlap weights.  We have over 100 designs for all personalities, from patriotic to dog lovers to rodeo riders and more.

Click here to learn more about how DuraFlap’s patented drill-less MudFlaps can protect you and your investment!

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