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Chevy Mud Flaps

Custom Drill-less and Standard Mudflaps

DuraFlap Chevy mud flaps are custom made from the finest quality materials available. They are designed not to tear, peel, fade, rust or break. Our no drill and our standard installation mud guards have an anti-sail design that prevents the mud flap from flying up behind the truck, giving your truck and vehicles around you, increased protection from rock chips.

These Chevy truck mud flaps are made with our exclusive “Rain Grooves”  and direct rain, snow & road debris down and away from the vehicle. Flat surfaces allow liquids to work their way around the sides to continue to damage your vehicle.

Only our full size mud flaps give your vehicle a more complete coverage that splash guards are not able to match. Custom designs are available for modified trucks with lifts, aftermarket flares and over-sized wheels or tires.

Our patented drill-less installation mud flaps are available with or without our 304 Mirror Finished Stainless Steel weights.  Both styles use the same high quality materials and provide great protection. We also create our own custom artwork for these Chevy mud flaps.

Chevy Mud Flaps

Models include 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, Duallys, vans, and mud flaps for other models.