Fun Vacation Destinations – Take a Texas Roadtrip

Texas is the second largest state in our country, encompassing a whopping 268,597 miles of land. The enormity of its landscapes and wide-open skies makes Texas an ultimate camping destination for your family. Choose a variety of destinations from the Texas panhandle to the state’s warm coastlines or any of the beautiful natural surroundings of its interiors. There are many exciting attractions throughout the state to put on the itinerary for a Texas roadtrip in your motorhome or travel trailer. Here are our top three recommendations for must-see stops on your Texas roadtrip itinerary.

Jacob’s Well

If you want to combine fascination, terror, and a bit of science to your Texas road trip, a stop at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley is an absolute must. The spot was discovered by settlers in 1850. This famous swimming hole comprises a pool area surrounding a 23-foot drop into the top of Jacob’s well. From there, a further cave veers off to the side for another three-quarters of a mile into complete and utter darkness. A few divers have tempted its depths to map out the underground cave, and some not so fortunate have met their demise in the process. You can view the attractive natural well from a safe distance or tempt fate by wading around the surrounding pool.

Enchanted Rocks

One of the most popular places for families to visit is Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Fredericksburg. Sure, it has over 8 miles of hiking trails, beautiful spots to enjoy picnic lunches, relaxing camping spots, and opportunities for rock climbing, cave exploration, and wildlife observation. Yet, serious visitors know there is an essential backstory to the area.

Local Native Americans named enchanted Rock because of supernatural encounters in the area. Native Americans have shared stories about mysterious fires glowing along the hilly terrain during the night. Others reported stories about creaking and groaning noises that had no explanation at the time. While later scientific studies revealed the causes for all these events, the magic of the mysteries continues to make a stay in the park memorable for all.

Pedernales Falls State Park

If you’re hoping to escape into nature while still having the opportunity to enjoy retail recreation and nightlife, a visit to Pedernales Falls State Park may be perfect for you. This beautiful park is just 30 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, so it’s an easy drive after you park your trailer or fifth wheel at the campsite. Relax and watch the turbulent falls tumble over and around the limestone riverbed. There’s plenty to keep everyone in the family busy, including hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, bird watching, and horse riding. Geocaching is also a popular recreation for visitors. Campsites can fill up quickly, so you should make your reservations well in advance.

Be Prepared Before You Travel

Before heading off across the country in your motorhome or rig with a trailer or fifth wheel, it’s important to know the laws that will impact you while on the road. It’s a good idea to study the DMV websites of states you’ll be traveling through to ensure your recreational vehicle meets all the specifications of local laws. For example, Texas laws require some vehicles, including duallys, to be outfitted with mud flaps. Check out the first paragraph of the law:

(a) Safety guards or flaps are required on all trucks, trailers, or semitrailers (in combination with a towing vehicle), if the rearmost axle of the vehicle (or combination) has four tires or more, or at least two super single tires. They are not required on buses, pole trailers, motor homes, or truck tractors. In this section, “super single tire” means a wide-base, single tire that may be used in place of two standard tires on the same axle.

DuraFlap can outfit your truck and motorhome with high-quality mudflaps to protect your vehicle, your tow, and the cars around you from damaging road debris. Call us today to see how easy it is to install DuraFlap’s mudflaps on your vehicles. We’ll have you on the road to your next adventure in no time!

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