Will RVs be More Affordable in 2022?

What happens when a vast segment of America decides to try RV’ing at the same time production facilities suffer from a shortage of labor and scarcity of supplies?  That’s precisely the situation we saw in 2020 and 2021 as a bulk of Americans took their vacations on the road to enjoy the sites and social distancing in new motorhomes and RV trailers.  Demand grew while manufacturing struggled, leaving RV sales lots empty, which sent prices soaring.

So what does the forecast for 2022 RV pricing look like?

RV manufacturers have been amping up their production since late 2020, but their estimations that it could take years to even out the balance of supply and demand seem to be holding true.  We’re finally reaching a point where consumers will have ample choice in their RV investments again.

The RV Industry Association estimates shipments to exceed 600,000 units this year–a 39% increase over 2020.  “RV manufacturers and suppliers have accomplished something never before seen with the incredible number of RV produced in 2021 and forecasted to be built in 2022,” said RV Industry Association President & CEO Craig Kirby. “More RVs will be headed to dealer lots in 2022 than ever before, allowing even more consumers to experience the freedom and control of traveling the country in their ideal RV.”

Prices, however, are unlikely to decline–at least for the new model market.  Manufacturers have no intention of lowering their prices soon.  If you’re looking for a bargain, you may need to shop for a used RV.

According to RV Lifestyle, we could see a flood of used RVs hit the market starting mid to late 2022.  Some consumers who purchased RV’s during COVID will likely find it’s not their cup of tea, while others are concerned about the rising camping costs as gasoline prices go up and RV camping site fees increase.  Used models are more sensitive to the laws of supply and demand, so as the inventory becomes more abundant, sellers will be motivated to take lower offers to get rid of their units.

Regardless of what happens to prices, you need to book your spots early if you’re planning on camping this year.  All those newbie RV’ers from the past two seasons learned about the importance of making reservations, and many campsites are already filling up for 2022.

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