Don’t Wait a Minute Longer. Here’s Why You Need to Plan Your 2021 RV Road Trip Now

With many of America’s vacation destinations either closed or open for limited services during 2020, sales of towable RV’s grew by 8.4%.  In fact, had April sales not been significantly wiped out due to dealership and factory temporary closures at the beginning of the pandemic, growth would have been double digits.  That means people are prepared and ready to get out of their homes and explore the great outdoors.

towable RV mud flaps on 2003 Ford F-350 SRW with 12" wide extra long rears for protecting a tow vehicle, with Elk Artwork
’03 F350 12″ wide with elk

If you haven’t packed your bags yet, here are just a few reasons you should consider hitting the road in your towable RV or motorhome in 2021:

  1. You’ll never have more flexibility than you do right now. Many Americans are working remotely—completing their work responsibilities from the comfort of their home.  With today’s technology, there’s no reason you can’t take your workspace on the road.  Many vacation spots either feature hosted Wi-Fi networks or receive adequate cellular coverage.  Simply check the websites of local camping areas within your interest or talk with your local Internet provider about remote technology you can add to your RV to keep you better connected on the road.
  2. Your family is likely clawing the walls at home. After months of being surrounded by the same four walls and communicating with school and work over the web, it’s past time to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  Even a simple RV road trip to the local lake or beach can be an adequate “reset” to make everyone feel a bit more relaxed.
  3. Social distancing is built in. Campgrounds are already designed to limit occupancy, provide adequate campsite spacing, and create a remote feel.  Whether sitting at the fire pit roasting marshmallows or enjoying a hike over a mountain path, you’ll be away from crowds and easily be able to maintain a safe level of distance from those outside of your party.
  4. It’s a good escape from reality. When you’ve been stuck at home for months on end, it’s hard to get the challenges of the pandemic out of your mind.  Spending a few days or a full week in the fresh air, enjoying the wildlife, and avoiding the news media can help give your mind the breather it needs to rest and recharge.
  5. Life will return to “normal” and the hustle and bustle will be back in full force. Sure, we’re all ready for business, school, and recreation to get back to the way things were prior to COVID-19.  But with that return will be all the busy routines of taking kids to activities, attending remote work events, and coordinating the next neighborhood street party.  Take advantage of the extra time you have now to enjoy quiet time with your family and explore some of America’s beautiful outdoors.

Are you convinced?  Then let’s get you fully prepared to travel safely.

Duraflap’s Mud Flaps to Protect Your RV

Make sure your vacation trailer or motorhome is fully prepared to hit the road with a new set of mud flaps from DuraFlap.  We manufacture the highest quality mud flaps for your truck and motorhome mud flaps.  Our truck mud flaps are designed for easy installation using already existing holes in the wheel wells of your vehicle.  Our motorhome mud flaps are custom made to fit your specific coach and includes custom artwork designed just for you.

We can also help you transform the look of your vehicle with artwork on your mud flaps.  Check out our online catalog of predesigned artwork or submit your unique illustration for a custom design.  You’ll be protecting your vehicle from kicked-up road debris while showing off your unique personality.  Contact us today to get started!

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