Why Every Truck Owner Needs Quality Mud Flaps from DuraFlap

Your pickup truck is one of your greatest investments.  If you’re like many pickup truck owners, you likely selected your truck with great care…from the exterior color to the upholstery to the horsepower of your engine.   A quality set of drill-less mud flaps is an important accessory all truck owners need to keep their rigs in top shape!

Add a unique touch to your pick up truck.

Dodge drill-less set back quality mud flapsMud flaps can create a truly customized look for your truck.  Whether your interests include bike riding, fishing, horse riding, or you just want to emphasize your love for your Ford, DuraFlap has over 100 designs in our artwork catalog to create just the right look for your truck.  If you don’t find the right design in the catalog, just contact us!  We can use your sketch or ideas to custom design the perfect mud flaps for your vehicle.

Quality mud flaps will do much more for your truck, though!

Mud flaps provide vital protection for your truck.  Our rain grooves direct the rain, mud, and snow down to the road and away from your wheel wells and tires.  That means your tires will remain cleaner and retain more direct contact with the road, and your truck’s exterior will remain free of debris, dents, and scratches behind the wheel wells.

You’ll also be protecting vehicles around you.  It’s common to kick up road debris including rocks and sharp objects while driving.  This flying debris can scratch, dent, or crack the windshields of other vehicles on the road.  DuraFlap quality mud flaps prevent flying debris by deflecting this material straight back down onto the road.

Why should I choose mud flaps from DuraFlap?

Because we produce patented drill-less mud flaps to make installation easy and to prevent damage and rust caused from drilling extra holes into your truck’s fender well lip.  In fact, our drill-less mud flaps are so easy to install, the tires don’t even need to be removed.

Our drill-less mud flaps are built to last.  Only DuraFlap offers computerized cutting and custom sizes to provide the perfect fit every time.  Our mud flaps are made from 3/8” thick polyethylene/rubber blend material which will not crack, peel, tear or fade.  DuraFlap quality mud flaps are constructed with an anti-sail design to keep the mud flap from flying up behind the vehicle when moving.

Adding quality mud flaps to your vehicle just takes one phone call!

Ready to get started o a mid-summer upgrade to your pickup truck with new drill-less mudflaps?  Contact us today to get started!

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