Why do Americans Love their Pickup Trucks so much?

The bond between a truck and its owner is strong in America!  Back in 2018, Chevrolet worked with Harris Poll to survey over 1,000 U.S. pickup truck owners about their love for their trucks.  Even though it was two years ago, our team at DuraFlap believes many of these sentiments continue to ring true today:

  1. What’s your truck’s name? Over 27% of pickup truck owners express their love for their pickup trucks by giving them names.  The most popular name was “Betsy,” closely followed by “Big Red.”
  2. How helpful is your pickup? Nearly 90% of pickup truck owners use their rigs to help other people.  33% have towed someone else’s car for them and an equal amount of people used their trucks to help out a school, community, or charitable cause.
  3. Is your pickup pictured in your family portrait? According to 57% of pickup truck owners, their pickups are considered part of their families.  45% will be passing on their pickup trucks to their kids or another loved one; 38% admitted to loving their trucks more than anything else they own, and a whopping 60% said they simply “can’t live without” their trucks.
  4. What milestones have happened with your pickup truck? Over a fourth of owners said they learned how to drive in a pickup truck; 9% experienced their first kiss in a truck, and 10% drove a pickup truck to bring a newborn home from the hospital.
  5. What’s your pickup truck’s coolness factor? Nearly 40% of people felt driving a truck made them more attractive and likely resulted in making them more popular.
2007 Chevy new body extra long rear pickup trucks mud flaps
2007 Chevy new body extra long rear mud flaps

Regardless of why you love your pickup truck, we’re here to help you keep it looking its best and performing its safest with drill-less mud flaps.  DuraFlap’s mud flaps are custom made to fit your pickup truck’s factory drilled holes for easy installation and less wear and tear on your truck.  With just a few quick measurements, we can produce the perfect set of drill-less mud flaps for your “Betsy” or “Big Red.”

Want to add a little extra personality to your pickup truck?  Check out our online catalog featuring over 100 designs such as our American Flag, a Coyote Howling, and an Eagle in Flight.

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