How to Tell if You Need New Truck Tires

Good tires are a wise investment for your truck.  These four rubber objects support your vehicle’s load, maintain traction with the road, help your vehicle stop when you put on the brakes, absorb bounce and shock, and help you steer effectively.  The right tires will help keep you and your passengers safe and your truck efficiently moving along the road.  Tires are expensive, so if you’re like most truck owners, you don’t want to change them unless you need to.

Here are a few ways to tell if you need to replace the tires on your truck from the team at Duraflap Mudflaps.

  1. Measure the tread.  Tread is essential to the tire’s functionality.  It’s relatively easy to check if there’s still enough tread left on your tires.  Just place a penny or a quarter into the groove.  The track isn’t deep enough if you can see the top of the president’s head on the coin because too much of the tread has worn away.  It’s time to get new tires!
  2. Check the age.  The rubber material your tires are made of deteriorates over time regardless of how much the tires are driven.  Tire manufacturers all provide a recommended lifespan for their tires between six and ten years.  Changing your tires at the end of the suggested timeframe will help avoid blowouts or other problems.
  3. Examine for damage.  Repaired punctures can decrease the lifespan of a tire.  Make it a habit to regularly check the sidewalls for bulges, blisters, cuts, and cracking.  These may be signs the structural integrity has been compromised, and your tire should be replaced.
  4. Listen for odd sounds or vibrations.  Some tires have tire tread indicators that will begin making sounds as you drive along the road when your treads are excessively worn.  Likewise, if your car begins to vibrate abnormally, this can be a sign that one or more of the tires is damaged or there are more significant problems with the suspension system.
  5. Look for uneven tread wear.  If your tires are wearing unevenly, this may be a sign they should be replaced.  Your local tire shop should be able to diagnose if the problem is simply low air pressure, bad tires, or an issue with the truck’s alignment or suspension system.

While you’re examining your tires, consider adding or replacing mudflaps.

duraflap mudflaps

Duraflap’s drill-less mudflaps provide the best protection for your truck against dirt, flying rock, and other road debris damage.  Our exclusive “rain grooves” direct rain, snow, and road debris down and away from the vehicle.  Best of all, there’s no reason to drill new holes into the body of your truck–our patented design uses holes already existing in the wheel wells, so you won’t create new areas for rust and corrosion.  Best of all, our mudflaps are easy to install–often taking 30 minutes or less.

Give your truck a custom look by adding artwork to your mudflaps.  Our online art catalog features over 100 designs, or we can create custom artwork based on your ideas or sketch.  Your truck will represent your unique personality!

Contact us today to learn how easy it is to order and install a new set of drill-less mudflaps on your truck!

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