Cost-Effective Ways to Customize Your Pickup Truck

Face it; your truck is a part of who you are.  Sure, it’s important to have a well-maintained and performing vehicle to help you get where you need to go or assist you in accomplishing your projects. Yet, when you spend so much time in your truck, shouldn’t your truck be customized to meet your needs and reflect your personality to the world?  Here are a few cost-effective ways to customize your pickup truck from the team at Duraflap Drill-less Mudflaps.

  1. Custom rims and tires.  One of the first enhancements many truck owners invest in include custom rims and tires.  Rather than picking out the rims first, it’s better to start with choosing the best tires to meet your needs.  Depending on the climate where you live and whether you’re mainly on-road or off-road, different sizes of tires will meet your needs better.  Once those are selected, take a look at custom rims that will show off all four corners of your pickup truck.
  2. New headlights.  Headlights play an essential role in the function and safety of your vehicle.  Technology is rapidly evolving, bringing new possibilities to the market.  Today there are three main types of headlights:  LED, HID or “xenon,” and halogen lights.  It’s best to talk with your trusted automotive shop about upgrading your headlights to ensure they meet your performance standards and the upgrade meets transportation standards.
  3. Lightbars.  Speaking of better lighting, lightbars can be added behind the grill, above the cab, or to the back bumper.  Some lightbars are simply decorative and complement the colors and style of the truck, while others serve an important purpose to make backing up or using a winch in the dark easier.
  4. Side rails.  The factory running boards that come standard with a pickup truck are helpful but usually not as strong as you need or, for lifted vehicles, may not be enough to make getting into the truck accessible.  Adding aluminum side rails that run from wheel to wheel will give you an extra step as well as provide additional protection to your truck’s exterior.
  5. Blackout chrome.  Shiny chrome is an attractive feature of many pickup trucks, but some owners prefer a muted, all-black appearance.  While you can take your vehicle to an autobody paint shop to have the chrome blacked out, it is also possible to complete this customization in your garage with time and diligence.  Avoid painting the chrome because it will chip and flake.  Instead, use a plastic-based product on the market specifically for this purpose.

DuraFlap’s Drill-less Mudflaps Add Superb Customization and Functionality to Your Pickup Truck.

DuraFlap Mudflaps for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Hummer, RV and lifted trucks. DuraFlap’s patented drill-less mudflaps use holes already existing in the body of your vehicle.  By doing so, our mudflaps are easier to install (they can be installed without taking the tires off) and present no new holes that are prone to rust and corrosion.

Your new DuraFlap mudflaps will give you years of protection.  Our exclusive “rain grooves” direct rain, snow, and road debris down and away from the vehicle.  The flaps are constructed from ⅜” polyethylene/rubber blend material and feature anti-sail and anti-spray capabilities.

Give your truck a custom look by adding artwork to your mudflaps.  Our online art catalog features over 100 designs, or we can create custom artwork based on your ideas or sketch.  Your truck will represent your unique personality!

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