What does the Animal on Your Mudflaps Say About You?

Here at Duraflap, we have a wide array of mudflap options for your trucks. Customizing your mudflaps is easy, and we have a variety of animal designs to offer. Regardless of why you chose a certain design, your selection may say something about you that you have yet to realize. When it comes to animal designs, you may have chosen one because you’ve always favored it.  Yet the animal on your mudflaps says more about you than you think.

Examples of what the animal on your mudflaps says about you and your personality:

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    Eagle –  In America, an eagle is typically associated with freedom and strength. The bald eagle is the emblem of the United States and when used by its citizens can mean a rooted sense of patriotism. With this in mind, if you are fond of our eagle-related products, you likely have a strong desire to show your independence in even the most subtle of ways. You’re individualistic and with that desire to show others your individualism, comes strength. 

  • Dog – Dogs are the best companions a human can ask for, and in our catalog, we have a diverse array of canine designs to best suit your furry friend at home. While each dog may have its own unique charm, the act of choosing any breed points to loyalty, honesty, and your willingness to offer companionship to those who will accept it. 
  • Horse – A horse, similar to the eagle, is a visual symbol of freedom. This symbolism can be equated to a horse running free through a wide-open field, like an eagle in the sky. While they share similarities, the horse has underlying and unmatched confidence as well as a mystique to them. Selecting a horse can demonstrate a greater understanding of one’s self-worth and the personal drive to go above and beyond for any personal goals. 
  • Aquatic Life – We have a couple of options in our gallery for those who are the more aquatically inclined. With one of our selections, the general theme of fish can represent a higher knowledge of one’s own feelings and a sense of renewal. This theme can complement the sport of fishing quite nicely, as fishing trips can be both invigorating and calming and can be an almost meditative experience. 

Express your inner self with new drill-less mudflaps from DuraFlap.

DuraFlap’s drill-less mudflaps are the highest quality mudflaps you can buy for your truck, and since they use holes that already exist in your vehicle’s body, they are easy to install.  Our exclusive “rain grooves” direct rain, snow, and road debris down and away from the vehicle to prevent your truck from being scratched, dented, or just caked with dirt. 

Check out our online catalog featuring over 100 pre-designed artwork selections. Customize your truck’s mudflaps with our wide variety of animal designs, or give us a sketch, and we’ll create a custom design to laser cut in our mirror finish stainless steel to suit what you feel is truly you.  Call us today at 541-245-9148 to get started!

See All Animal Weights

See All Animal Weights

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