RV Measurments


1. Park on level ground and set your R.V. motor home to the height for driving.

2. Find the hanging point for your R.V. mud flap.Each R.V. motor home model is different, and we rely on you to find points that the mudflap may hang from. Many R.V.s have empty holes along the frame to attach our supplied eye bolts to for hanging. Some require you to drill holes for installation. If this is necessary, most RV repair companies can do this for you. Some R.V. coach tow hitches are wide enough to have hanging spots on them or a simple place to drill a hole thru

3. Measure from the hanging point to the ground. Subtract 8 inches. This is the normal height you want your mudflap to be.This will leave approximately 3-4 inches for the swing and 4-5″ inches between the mud flap and the ground.

4. Be aware of other obstacles that the mud flap may have to hang below. If these obstacles hang more than 4″ below the bottom of the motorhome, you want to measure and design cut outs around the obstacles, making sure your mud flap will hang no closer than 4″ to the ground. Any closer and your mud flap may hit the ground on uneven surfaces and kick rocks up toward your tow vehicle. These obstacles may influence the 8” subtraction described above. Most mud flaps are 95″ across and 10 – 12″ tall. The average cut out is 2-3″ deep and 36 – 52″ across. The circular dashed lines are for cut outs around rear exhaust pipes. You will not want your mud flap to hang behind the exhaust pipe. The rubber can melt.

Samples of custom cut-outs


Use this template to measure the layout of your mud flap when a cut out is required.


To measure the spread for the hanging apparatus:

Find the center of your coach.

Measure from one hanging point to the other. These hanging points will be equal distance from the center. This is the spread.

Our hanging bracket is pre-drilled with several mounting holes to allow you to change hanging points or move the mud flap to a new coach in the future, as long as the length of the mud flap will fit.


ALFA hanging point

Holiday Rambler hanging point

Pace Arrow hanging point

Typical Hanger

Customer Service and Returns

DuraFlap LLC motor home products carry a 30-day money back guarantee (less shipping/handling and 20% restocking fee) on all stock items purchased and returned in new condition (excluding custom order stainless steel weights and custom sized rubber). The customer is responsible for measuring and obtaining the size specifications. See above for measuring instructions. All returns must have a return authorization number. Please call for a return authorization number: 541-245-9148

Order Shipment

OEM mud flaps are usually shipped within 7-10 business days. Custom made mud flaps may take 3-4 weeks to design and create.If you are on the road, we are able to ship to a destination of your choice, or have the mud flaps on hold for you at a UPS station along your path. You will receive an email when your order is shipped.

Warranty Information

DuraFlap LLC motor home products carry a limited 90 day warranty against manufacturers’ defects. This warranty does not cover tears or breaks sustained due to impact or dragging. All warranty returns require a return authorization number. To obtain a return authorization number, please call (541) 245-9148